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Here is a brief look at many of the most popular online destinations for buying lacrosse equipment from. If your favorite isn't on our list, let us know about it.
May be the best-known online lax shop. offers a great deal of gear, from sticks, gloves and helmets, to jerseys and field equipment. Click below to visit them and see all they offer:

Sports Authority
You can browse Sports Authority's Lacrosse Department right from their homepage. Their very popular retail and online stores stock Brine, STX, Gait, Cascade, Riddell, Shamrock and more.
Shop Lacrosse gear at SportsAuthority
Amazon doesn't sell just books anymore. In fact, you can find all the sports supplies you need right there.

Stickhead Lacrosse
This five-store retailer of men and women's lacrosse equipment, apparel, and accessories, also has a good online shop.
Stickhead Lacrosse

Paragon Sports
Paragon has a great online sports store. They carry a good supply of sports apparel and footwear, but they don't carry a lot of lacrosse gear, however. They stock a few STX sticks and gloves.
Paragon Sports, The Finest Sports Specialty Store

Lacrosse online store

Other Shops:
Gait Brothers
Girls Lacrosse Gear
Mohawk Intl.
Queen City
South Swell Lacrosse
Sports Her Way
The Sports Outfit

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